Good Morning Fellow Scrapers;

A bit late, Happy St Patty’s Day and Welcome Spring.

Spring break is over and Tyler is back in school. This was the first year of his life that he never went skiing during the break. Aside from it being too warm there was no real snow. Everyday the ski lodge would shred some ice and put snow on the mountain sides but it was poor for skiing.
So up to the cottage we went LOL. Even up there it was so warm it was scary. Scary because it’s going to be one nasty hot summer. This weekend we are getting the AC ready; something we usually do in May.
It’s mostly foggy and wet here in the mornings. By early afternoon the sunbeams come out and play till sundown, unless it rains. Plants are popping up everywhere and the birds have laid and hatched their babies. I haven’t seen any baby animals yet but that doesn’t surprise me. They are in deep hiding around here. Already we have come across dead rabbits and gophers killed by dogs illegally off their leash.

Spring and Fall are by far my favorite seasons of the year. Not too hot and not too cold. Yesterday I actually smelt bad bugs. Weird, maybe. Living in the woods you get to know certain smells and mosquitos have this particular smell about them. Within 5 minutes of smelling them I seen them. I was out of there asap.

But enough of my babble, I am here to give you some gifts.

You may recall last year I created a series of papers based on plants. I believe I gave you all a sample. I also did one on insects. This year I started a series on sports and another on education and another on clean and simple design. I am by far not finished any as it will take me quite a while to complete.

So let’s get to the gifts…

Since Baseball season is starting here in less than a month here is a sample of my Sports series; Baseball.
Education is next with a sample from the Humanities.

In a few weeks we will be off on another break for Easter. We won’t be here so I am getting these clean and simple papers out to you now. Believe me when I tell you this is just a sample of what has been created. I thought the colors were perfect for spring layouts and creations.
I also had this Alpha sitting around which is Springy too so I added that to the lot.

That is quite a lot to download, just a bit over 650 mb. I hope you can use something.

That’s it from me today. I have many things to do so I am off.

Thanks for stopping by.

Just in case I don’t make it back to post before the next holiday….Happy Easter to All.

Until we greet again;