My Canada Free Kit

Wow, I have another Free Kit for you all.

On Tuesday, Tyler’s’ teacher called me up to say she needed me to make a kit for the class for Canada Day celebrations. So that night I headed back home and began working on it the following morning. I tried to uploaded it all day yesterday but Rogers, our internet provider, decided to cause issues. The internet is suppose to work until the 2nd of July. They had more excuses for yesterdays issues. We are so glad to be rid of them. Now its nothing fancy but its yours for FREE. There are 42 papers, 82 elements and 2 alphas. So here it is. Sorry the preview is blurry, it’s how Word Press seems to do it’s crunching.



It’s quite big, 533 mb, so it’s divided into approx 50-55 mb zip files for easier downloading. And here are all the links.



papers 1

papers 2

papers 3

papers 4

papers 5

papers 6

papers 7

papers 8

papers 9

Enjoy 🙂

Now that I got it uploaded and have given it to you all, I will head back up to the cottage before the rush hour traffic starts. Have a fantastic summer.



Saying So Long With a Free Kit

Hello All;

Happy Summer!

I still have not finished the kit I am making for my parents. I ran into some disappointments after purchasing what I was lead to believe were vector graphics. I was under some delusion that vector graphics were scalable however this was not the case in the purchases I made. I was so disappointed and feel I wasted my money. A majority of the items are small and totally useless. It’s sad too because the store I bought these vector graphics at is supposed to be very popular and 3 of my favourite designers sell there. I see a lot of their stuff used by designers. I don’t have the heart to email the person and tell them how disappointed I am. It’s not the first time I have felt this way when buying digital scrapbooking stuff online but that purchase was my last.
One time I got a private message in a forum I belonged to from one of the designers who said she had some stitches for me. So I went and got them and they were pure junk and not even stitches but a bunch of black messes. I never went back to that forum. They try to contact me repeatedly but I never respond. It’s been almost a year and they still keep emailing me. Another time I bought some paper flowers and they were all small and blurry. Another time I bought some overlays and they were totally useless. Another time I bought some buttons, man were they tiny and totally useless. I really should be able to resize the stuff I buy since the seller has no idea what a customer is going to use the items for. And all this from reputable designers. Just goes to show even they rip people off for I really felt ripped off. I do buy from some great designers and have had no problems with them and that’s probably why I continue to buy their stuff. In my future I will be happier buying my stuff from the store which can’t rip me off unless I am totally blind. So goodbye to digital scrapping and hello again to full-time hybrid scrapping.

So I gave up on continuing with the kit for my parents for now so I could at least make something for you before I say goodbye to you all. Mind you I put this together rather quickly so there isn’t any fancy stuff in it. Just some basics. But I hope you can use at least some of it in your projects. I did include 3 of the disappointing supposed vectors in it, one of which I resize and had to bevel the hell out of it to make it look at least somewhat decent from all those jaggies. The other 2 I just left them at the sizes that were given to me at. Sad. But anyway, here’s a not all shown preview.

There is a totally of 40 papers and 95 elements. Not all shown relates to the papers, and I just selected one colour of an element, but you at least know what you are getting. The kit is quite the size too, 457mb, so I had to break it up into 4 papers and 2 ellies.


 And here are the links

ellies 1

ellies 2

papers 1

papers 2

papers 3

papers 4
I won’t be deleting anything in my Media Fire account so everything will be there for you in case you need any of it in the future. I won’t be deleting my blogger or my WordPress blogs either in case you need a picture of what is at Media Fire.

Tyler has one more week of school, and Joe 2 more weeks of work. We are having a big bash this weekend for their birthdays. Next weekend I am heading up to the cottage and the boys will take care of everything in the city until they come up. They can do it all without me now. Tyler is quite the teenager now and doesn’t really need me for anything anymore. Which is so cool. He’ll be getting his license this summer and will be taking a driving course. I won’t be back in the city till school starts again in September and then I will be returning to the work force. I want to save for retirement which consist of travelling the world, if there is still a world to be travelled at that time. It’s in quite the mess right now and if things continue on this downward spiral there may even be a WW 3 before we retire.

I want to thank everyone in the Digital Scrap World. You’re Awesome! Keep up the great work and much success to all of you.

So that is it from me. I wish you all the best in your life. Much Love to you all.


Photographers United

Hello Out There;

It had been a while. I have been busy with other matters and time is limited for me to be online these days. It’s almost June and well hockey season will not be over till mid June and therefore our internet will remain online till the season is over. I’ll add that the Los Angles Kings are my team this year and I have been racking up points. If they keep up as they have been they will win the Stanley Cup this year. They have been nothing short of amazing. Go KINGS!  Once the season is done I will be moving up north for the summer. I have already moved quite a bit up there over the past weekends and this weekend I am taking a break, thus my free time to keep you up to date with a post.

There are three reason for my posting today.
I would like to introduce you to a site that I have been a member of since 2002. I have been photographing since I was around 14 when my class went on a scenic 2 week trip to Ottawa and my father lent me his pop up Kodak camera. I still have that ancient camera too 🙂 But moving forward…I was looking for a site in 2002 where I could learn more as the technology advanced. I searched and searched and finally found a ‘community’ where I could not only learn but, well, so much more. There were assignments, meet ups, and critiques too. Here I am 10 years later and I am still involved and loving it. Perhaps you would like to take a look and maybe join up and get involved too. I promise you will not be sorry. Let me introduce you to PHOTOSIG.

PHOTOSIG has a sister site too of which I am also a member. It’s called ARTSIG. And just as the name implies it is designed for artists.

Lastly, I have been quietly working on a scrap kit for my parents photos for a couple of months. I have started and stopped, I’ve ditched and redid…LOL Hopefully I will be finished it before I head up north for the summer. (crossing my fingers here) When it’s done I will put up a post sharing it all with you as my final goodbye kit to all you wonderful people.

With all that being said, I am off to the dentist in half an hour for my annual checkup then out to window browse and luncheon with some girls for the afternoon. I bid you all gorgeous day and until I greet you again, have a fantastic time.

Pat M

Edit: P.S. I forgot to mention another wonderful site that is very useful for designers. Upload your photo and the site will make you a colour palette. Very useful. It’s Big Huge Labs Colour Palette Generator.

Happy Easter

2 QP’s and 2 Cluster Freebies

Good Morning Scrapers;

Since the weather changed back to being on the cold side of Spring, I’ve been catching up on creating for our annual digital album.

Today I have 4 gifts for you;
2 quick pages, a cluster and the same cluster with a frame.

This first quick page was made using Mel Designs Fresh Attitude found at Digital Crea. From the quick page I saved the cluster and the cluster with the frame. All are included in the zip file below.

The second quick page was made using Images by Fran Le Messager du Soleil which can be found on her website.

That’s it from me today.
Happy Spring


Easter and New Series Sample Freebies

Good Morning Fellow Scrapers;

A bit late, Happy St Patty’s Day and Welcome Spring.

Spring break is over and Tyler is back in school. This was the first year of his life that he never went skiing during the break. Aside from it being too warm there was no real snow. Everyday the ski lodge would shred some ice and put snow on the mountain sides but it was poor for skiing.
So up to the cottage we went LOL. Even up there it was so warm it was scary. Scary because it’s going to be one nasty hot summer. This weekend we are getting the AC ready; something we usually do in May.
It’s mostly foggy and wet here in the mornings. By early afternoon the sunbeams come out and play till sundown, unless it rains. Plants are popping up everywhere and the birds have laid and hatched their babies. I haven’t seen any baby animals yet but that doesn’t surprise me. They are in deep hiding around here. Already we have come across dead rabbits and gophers killed by dogs illegally off their leash.

Spring and Fall are by far my favorite seasons of the year. Not too hot and not too cold. Yesterday I actually smelt bad bugs. Weird, maybe. Living in the woods you get to know certain smells and mosquitos have this particular smell about them. Within 5 minutes of smelling them I seen them. I was out of there asap.

But enough of my babble, I am here to give you some gifts.

You may recall last year I created a series of papers based on plants. I believe I gave you all a sample. I also did one on insects. This year I started a series on sports and another on education and another on clean and simple design. I am by far not finished any as it will take me quite a while to complete.

So let’s get to the gifts…

Since Baseball season is starting here in less than a month here is a sample of my Sports series; Baseball.
Education is next with a sample from the Humanities.

In a few weeks we will be off on another break for Easter. We won’t be here so I am getting these clean and simple papers out to you now. Believe me when I tell you this is just a sample of what has been created. I thought the colors were perfect for spring layouts and creations.
I also had this Alpha sitting around which is Springy too so I added that to the lot.

That is quite a lot to download, just a bit over 650 mb. I hope you can use something.

That’s it from me today. I have many things to do so I am off.

Thanks for stopping by.

Just in case I don’t make it back to post before the next holiday….Happy Easter to All.

Until we greet again;

Free Quick Pages n Ellies

Hello Scrap Peeps;

As promised I have some gifts for you.

It’s a bit after noon time here so I am off to eat and do some errands.

Enjoy 🙂
Until we greet again;